Do you struggle to let go? Have a hard time relinquishing control? Feel you have to do everything on your own, by yourself, with no help from anyone or anything? Do you want to trust in the Divine but find that you unconsciously block yourself off from Divine assistance?

If so, you need Arborvitae essential oil!

The Technical Details

Arborvitae (Thuja plicata) essential oil is steam distilled from the wood of the Arborvitae tree, which is native to Canada and the Pacific Northwest. In the States, we know Arborvitae trees as natural privacy screens. They are wonderful trees with thick dark-green year-round foliage.

Small Wooden BridgeThuja plicata is a very large tree that may grow to over 200 feet tall and a foot in diameter. Its main use is for timber, which is prized for its distinct appearance, aroma, and its high natural resistance to decay. It’s wonderful for outdoor buildings and decks and for closets and other structures intended for clothing that might be harmed by moths and such.

As one might expect of an oil derived from a tree, the aroma is woody, earthy, warm. To me there is also a sweet note to this wonderfully complex fragrance.

Arborvitae’s Emotional Effects

For those of us who believe that all progress involves struggle and solitary effort, Arborvitae can be very helpful for it invites us to live in harmony with life by trusting in Divine grace. “Let go, let God” is the refrain of this essential oil.

As befits an oil derived from a tree, especially one as magnificent as the Arborvitae tree, this oil is grounding. It teaches that the Divine is all around us, coursing through us, part of us. This Divine helps us find balance and stability in a changing world.

Arborvitae also invites us to relax the mind and soul and surrender to the Divine where there is peace and harmony — and Divine assistance. Like the tree, this essential oil is strong. It shares that strength with us by teaching us to rely on God’s strength. “It asks individuals to relax, take a deep breath, and trust in the flow of life” (from Emotions and Essential Oils).

Arborvitae is also a great oil to diffuse during meditation for a sense of peace and calm.

Sourcing Arborvitae Essential Oil

The Arborvitae essential oil I use and sell is sourced from the Pacific Northwest. The sourcing is its own unique story.

There is a strong, sustainable lumber industry based on the Arborvitae tree in the Pacific Northwest. The wood is cut, and the sawdust, a waste product, was for years simply burned.

All that has changed now. The sawdust is used to produce the essential oil. The entire production process is clean and pure. And the waste from this processing is collected and sent to a paper manufacturing plant. So the entire tree is used — and reused.

There is great respect for this tree. It is majestic, the Tree of Life. Native Americans and First People used all parts of the arborvitae tree for health benefits as well as for building vessels, totem poles, baskets, and clothing. Processing the sawdust for essential oils extends this use to yet another arena.

Other Benefits of Arborvitae

Arborvitae essential oil has a high concentration of tropolones, such as hinokitiol, which are a group of chemical compounds that protect against environmental and seasonal threats and have powerful purifying properties.

These compounds also contribute to Arborvitae’s natural insect repellent properties. Thujic acid, another tropolone found in Arborvitae, has been studied for its ability to protect against common threats in the environment. Because of its natural preserving properties, Arborvitae prevents wood from rotting, which makes it popular in woodcraft and for preserving natural wood surfaces.

You can add a few drops of Arborvitae to a spray bottle with water and spray on surfaces or your exposed skin to protect against environmental threats. Or even just apply directly to wrists and ankles while hiking.

Diffusing Arborvitae essential oil purifies the air and repels insects inside the home. I also love to mix Arborvitae and Lemon essential oils (in a two to one ratio) with some linseed oil for a natural wood preservative and polish.

* * *

Arborvitae, the Oil of Divine Grace, is divine itself. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading a bit about this oil and its many diverse uses.

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