Thank you for visiting Essentially Holy; I’m delighted you’re here. I’m Carolyn, and I write these pages to provide a respite, however brief, from the chaos and demands of the modern life. This website is a place of repose and reflection, of nurturing and spiritual rejuvenation.

This website is a place of peace and of kindness.

It’s a reminder that we all are essentially holy. Life is essentially holy. Our essence as spiritual beings — as spirit itself — needs to be recognized, honored, developed. I’ll be writing about meditation and prayer, gratitude and spiritual study. I’ll also be writing about the essential oils that enhance and deepen spiritual practice.

I hope you’ll comment on my posts or otherwise communicate with me to let me know your thoughts and longings, your struggles and triumphs. My heart’s longing is for connection, indeed union, with the Divine consciousness, which I choose to call God.

You may have another name for the Divine: Allah, Ishwara, Buddha, Jesus, Hashem, Mohammed, Truth, Nature.

“Truth is one. Men call it by various names,” says the Rig Veda (ancient sacred text of India).

Ancient words; timeless truth.

Whatever you call this Divine consciousness, do you long for its/his/her presence in your life, your heart, your soul? Do you feel an emptiness at the depth of your being that you want to fill with Divine spirit? This website is devoted to such concerns.

So welcome. Come again soon. And if you like, sign up for the newsletter and receive a free electronic copy of In Search of Soul: Five Spiritual Practices and the Oils that Enhance Them.

Love and blessings.